Skin Care Routine

To me, skin care means everything, I may even love it more than makeup. For a long time, I had horrible skin, I’m taking red, blotchy, cystic acne, it wasn’t cute. I’d insert a picture but I don’t have any as I’ve destroyed all evidence of that period of my life. But from that experience I became obsessed with skin care. I was always making home made scrubs or face masks, and I actually wanted to be a Dermatologist for a while, until I learnt that you had to study for about ten years and I was out.

Of course my acne could only be cured by medication, so off to the doctor/dermatologist I went and was prescribed medicine (I can’t really remember the name, sorry) that I took every day for about six months. In that period I learnt to love natural skin care, because whilst on the medication your skin becomes very sensitive, and even after I came of the medication, for about 2-2 and a half years I still had very sensitive skin. I came off the medication in December 2013, and now after almost 4 years, my skin has become less sensitive and I’ve begun to experiment with more products.

For a long time when I was younger, I used the ‘Biore – Deep pore charcoal cleanser’, which is great is you’re on a budget. My current skin care routine has multiple different steps but is working really well for me.

Makeup Removers –                                                                              

I wear makeup everyday and I hate using makeup wipes or even micellar water to take off my makeup. I really enjoy using the ‘bareMinerals – Oil obsessed – total cleansing oil’. It  removes all your makeup, even the stubborn eyes and smells great. It can also be used as a cleanser, so if you’re feeling lazy at night, this is a great two in one. I also use the ‘Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water’ to get off any left over eye makeup.

Cleanser –

I’ve used a lot of cleansers over the years. Some of my favourites include, the Biore cleanser, mentioned earlier and the bareMinerals ‘clay chameleon – transforming purifying cleanser’, but my current cleansers are probably my favourite. Currently at night I’m using the ‘Ren – hot cloth cleanser’, which smells beautiful and leaves your skin feeling soft and luxurious. In the morning I’m using the ‘Origins – GinZing scrub cleanser’, which smells super fresh and brightens and wakes up your skin.

Moisturisers –

I always use an organic coconut oil on my skin, as a substitute for a serum. It brightens and softens your skin and I think even clears my skin a bit. I once stopped using coconut oil for a while and couldn’t work out why my skin was looking so dull and crappy, and then it clicked! I’ve been using the same moisturiser since 2013, and I’ve never strayed from it. I use the ‘Dermal Therapy – dry skin lotion’, and it is life saving. For an eye cream I’m currently using the ‘Origins – ginzing eye cream’ which is great for brightening but not super hydrating. I’m currently wanting to get my hands on the ‘Kiehl’s – creamy eye treatment’.

Extras –

For blemish control I use the ‘Mario Badescu – drying lotion’, which is an absolute god sent! It clears my blemishes overnight, unless they’re huge and horrible. My all time favourite, holy grail product is the ‘Mario Badescu – facial spray with Aloe, herbs and rosewater’, it makes your skin look super glowy and stunning, and every time you spray it you feel fresh and smell great. I use a couple of masks regularly but my favourite is the ‘Lush – cup o’coffee’ mask, which brightens and exfoliates the skin really well. I also really like the ‘Origins – retexturing mask with rose clay’, which is a great all – rounder mask. If you have really sensitive skin you might want to give this one a miss, as it stings my skin a bit, so if you’re really sensitive it might sting pretty bad.

My current skin type is fairly normal but can get a little dry around the outside of my face. All these products have worked awesomely for me and I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you for reading longest post to date, and I will link all the products I can down below.  – Emma x.

Product list:

bareMinerals oil cleanser –

bareMinerals clay cleanser –

Ren hot cloth cleanser –

Origins cleanser –

Origins eye cream –

Kiehls eye cream –

Mario Badescu drying lotion –

Mario Badescu facial spray –

Origins clay mask –


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