Designer Collaborations. 

I would just like to start this post by apologising for being such a terrible blogger lately, and being so absent. Exams and work have been taking up a lot of time lately but hopefully I’ll be back to posting fairly regularly. 

I myself love a good designer collab, stunning high quality pieces at a more affordable price point, and lately there has been collabs everywhere. My most anticipated collabs are the H&M x Kenzo, Zayn Malik x Versus and Victoria Beckham x Target. 

H&M x Kenzo:

Every year H&M collaboratates with a high end designer to bring designer clothing to customers at a more affordable price point. Past collabs include Alexander Wang and Balmain. The collection will carry every thing from gloves, hats and scarves to insanely bright bomber jackets and Japanese inspired dresses. Prices range from $12.99 – $549. The collection releases on November the 3rd. 

Zayn Malik x Versus: 

When I first read about this collab I had to do a double take. ‘Wait Zayn Malik, as in Zayn from One Direction is collaborating with Versace. Although this pairing is slightly out of the blue when considering his creativity and relationship with Gigi Hadid and close friend to the house of Versace, he’s not the strangest choice. This comes after the former creative director of Versus x Versace, Anthony Vaccarello departed the brand to take the reigns at Saint Laurent. The collection will be a men’s and women’s capsule collection called ‘Zayn x Versus’.

Victoria Beckham x Target: 

Victoria Beckham is one of my all time favourite designers/human being. So when I heard she was going to be collaborating with Target I was so excited. The fact that she is going to be bringing her stunningly classic designs to customers at a lower price point I freaked (in a good way). The collection will be available from the 9-30 of April 2017 and will consist of over 200 items ranging from $6-$70. 

Thank you for reading xx. 

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