Crush on Corsets.

Hi all and welcome to my blog, I’m horrid at formal introductions so I thought it would be best to informally welcome you to my new blog, witty and pretty (, a name I like to think describes me perfectly but I am tooting my own horn slightly (more than slightly let’s be real). Well now that we’ve been introduced onto the post.

Lately I’ve fallen in love with corsets, a trend which many believe live under a dress but recently they have found a new home on the outside of the dress. The trend first came to my attention when I saw photos of Kim Kardashian wearing a baggy top and leggings with a corset over the top which perfectly complimented her already tiny waist and made her fantastic bkim-kardashian-d-600x800oobs look even better (as seen on the left). I adored this look, I love how the corset transforms the outfit from a baggy black top and leggings t36C4309700000578-0-image-a-122_1470031413533o sleek and stylish. She then stunned again in a white t-shirt dress with a baby pink corset (seen on the right) to Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit launch. After doing some more digging into the corset trend I found Prada’s fall 2016 ready to wear show, which was Aladdin’s cave for super chic pieces paired with stunning corsets (seen below).



Well there’s a basic round up of my favourite trend at the moment, and just as a side note I am terrible at both introductions and conclusions, so I’ll just leave it here. Also feel free to follow me on polyvore: emmkeating and on here so you never miss my probably infrequent (although I am going to try my absolute hardest to keep up although I’ve started this blog right before exams) but always fun posts.

Thank you for reading x.







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